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Thumbs Up Wine Review: Three Extraordinary Red Wine Values

Wine Reviews by Thumbs Up Wine Review: In addition to finding wines that are great values, we also love finding wines with great fruit. After all, it is "all about the fruit". Here are three great Red Wines, at three different price points, that not only exhibit great fruit qualities -- they're all exceptional values! We're talking about the 2010 Double Decker Red Blend, the 2010 Ravenswood Old Vine Zinfandel and the 2010 Tin Barn Zinfandel. Try one, try them all! Click below and download our free wine review app, and you'll always find the best bottles when you're shopping in the wine aisle: iPhone: Android: Check out our website: For advance notice on new wines and to win prizes: Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter:

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Flip Flop Wines Review

I joined Maker Studios & so can you! Click here to see if your channel qualifies for RPM Network/Maker Studios: Flip Flop Wines Review. Flip Flop Wines offers seven different varieties that allow you to find your personal favorite. Flip Flop Wines and Underground Wine Merchants are partnering with Soles4Souls to help them achieve their goal of 11 million pairs of shoes in 2011.

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Wine Reviews. Lambloch Estate Flipside Moscato. Sweet Wine Tasting Review. This video includes a review of the lovely Flipside Moscato wine by Lambloch Estate. Great to drink now. Just the right amount of bubbles and sweetness, ideal for anyone who loves Moscato. Moscato is usually sparkling, spritzy and bubbly. Most Moscato has bubbles, though it is possible to find non-sparkling Moscato. Generally, though, if you're looking for a very sweet red wine that isn't bubbly, it's best to go with Muscat or even Port. Otherwise, you can't go wrong with a Moscato! Welcome to Prize Wines. A sporadic video blog about the wines I'm drinking now. Please bear with me as I approach this from a casual wine drinker background. I'm not a wine grower. I'm a social wine drinker. So my description or off the cuff comments may not cover all the nuances of the wine. If you'd like to add more to my description of a particular wine, especially if you're the wine grower, distributor or retailer please feel free to comment below. To keep updated on when further videos are uploaded, please subscribe by clicking the subscribe button at the top of the page. This review may not reflect the reviews of other wine drinkers and wine organisations I may be associated with and are mine alone. -- Thank you for watching my wine reviews. I've received many fantastic and appreciated comments from people all around that have found the videos useful and I have seen a dramatic increase in the amount of people watching them (thank you, thank you very much), so in 2015 I will return with more wine review videos. If you are a wine producer and would like me to review your wine for free, please click on 'about' on my channel and send me a message. I'll email you the address to post the wine to as soon as possible. If you find the video useful you are welcome to use it on your website. Videos are recorded with a Samsung Galaxy Note II mobile and are completely unscripted. I cannot guarantee that I will be able to review every bottle of wine I receive but I will endeavour to do so. If your wine tastes great, it'll definitely get a review. If it doesn't, I would not wish to upload the video in case I was just unlucky enough to get a bad bottle, or there was some bottle shock in delivery, or it had been affected by the heat. I'm not a sommelier so, in that sense, you can receive down-to-earth reviews from the point of view of a real customer who just loves wine. If you're an enjoyer of fine wines like me and you like these videos and would like to contribute in some way, feel free to leave a comment below on what your favourite wine is like. If you're interested in supporting the creation of future videos, please consider buying our ebook: Secret Sydney Bars Walking Tour Guide 2014: A Guide to Finding Over 37 Interesting, Unique and Hidden Bars in Sydney City, from The Rocks to City Centre. It's available on Amazon for Kindle. You can find out more about it here: (We make about 25c from every sale so every little bit helps!) I am now a member of the Wine Society - a not for profit co-operative representing Australia, based in Sydney. If you decide to sign up as a new member of The Wine Society, please quote my member number as your reference - 171607. Find out more about the Wine Society at: I also now have a Face Book page on wine. Early days yet but if you could 'like' it, that would be very much appreciated. Thank you for your interest in Prize Wines.

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Lynch Bages Pauillac 1998 - with Rob Moshein for TV

Rob Moshein of, tastes and reviews the Lynch Bages Pauillac 1998 for TV. Find us on Google+ Like us on Facebook - & Follow on Twitter @WinesCom and Check out for great deals on wine & accessories!!

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Four South African Wines - Episode #75

Today Gary talks about four wines from an underatted region, South Africa. He reviews wines from the Stellenbosch region of South Africa. A new QOD and a new feature for you at the end. Watch for it!

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Thumbs Up Wine Review: 2010 Simply Naked Unoaked Chardonnay

Wine Reviews by Thumbs Up Wine Review: When they don't "oak" a Chardonnay, they can't cover up as many flaws. That means an "unoaked" Chardonnay is really exposed, so it better be good - and clean. And boy is this Simply Naked 2010 Unoaked Chrdonnay clean. There's nothing bad here. It just tastes like quality. . Click below and download our free wine review app, and you'll always find the best bottles when you're shopping in the wine aisle: iPhone: Android: Check out our website: For advance notice on new wines and to win prizes: Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter:

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Regan Wines | Grey Lady Wines

Think of Grey Lady Wines as your Personal Sommelier. Sara Boyce and Nantucket's noted wine authority, Denis Toner, bring you wine suggestions from boutique winemakers. Denis draws on his life in the field of wine to offer curatorial recommendations of old favorites and new discoveries throughout the year. Join the mailing list to get our personal recommendations of hand crafted, hand selected wines! Mailing List sign up: Grey Lady Wines | 508 | 825 | 2525